Identify a problem in your workplace and present a solution to a supervisor.
First, have a detailed description of the problem including causes and effects.
Then clearly explain your solution and why it is a good idea, including consideration of cost/benefit. Use enough detail to communicate the idea(s) of your solution clearly and completely. Your email must delegate responsibilities to specific people or positions/roles in the business so everyone knows exactly what you think needs to happen and who will be responsible for what.
Ex: “The snow must be cleared off of the front steps.” is insufficient because it does not identify specific people or a time frame.
The more detail you put in your memo the better it should be. I do not work where you work so if I can understand exactly what you are talking about then you are doing a good job.
Your solution CAN NOT be hire more people or spend more money on something. If your solution is to hire more people or spend more money you will fail the assignment with a grade of zero. You can suggest something that has a cost, but a solution like “We need to hdraft,post,