Case Study #1 You are overseeing the teen and young adult STI clinic at the coun

Case Study #1
You are overseeing the teen and young adult STI clinic at the coun

Case Study #1
You are overseeing the teen and young adult STI clinic at the county health department. In your work as a community health nurse for this clinic in your community, you find many of the LGBTQ+ clients that should be attending the clinic are missing their necessary follow up appointments and medication refills. You contact those clients missing their appointments, and find several are homeless. Your further investigation of homelessness among the LGBTQ+ population by gathering local, county, state and national data. Basic data indicate the homelessness rate in your community among the LGBTQ+ population is now at over 40%. Yet, you also find that only 7% of the youth population identifies as LGBTQ+.
Answer the following prompts for your initial Discussion Post
1. Determine what other data (statistics) should be gathered to better understand the extent of vulnerability among this aggregate of LGBTQ+ teens and young adults in the community. NOTE: Then find the actual data—at least 3 different data points– the data can include: national, state, county, local statistics. For example—discussing LGBTQ+ youth, what data did you find that highlights the presence of and importance of pointing out various vulnerabilities and challenges faced by this population? Example– Out of 4.2 M homeless youth, 40% are LGBTQ+ (National Network for Youth, 2023).
2. Briefly explain why these data points relate to this aggregate’s vulnerabilities and challenges. For example, how does homelessness affect the LGBTQ+ clinic clients’ access to care? Be sure to support your ideas with references.
3. Clearly describe at least 2 social determinants of the LGBTQ+ teen and young adult aggregate in the community that may impact this population and their ability to access care, housing and their general well- being. Support your ideas with references.
4. List and describe at least 2 actual resources in the community that are available to help address the concerns contained in this case study scenario. NOTE: In order to address this criterion, you will need to look into what resources and supports are actually in your community that apply to the LGBTQ+ population.
5. Assume the role of the STD clinic nurse. Think creatively, and support your idea with research, to identify or craft 1 specific, immediate, CHN nursing action/intervention you can implement to help the homeless LGBTQ+ teens and young adults (think “Upstream”), and 1 overall idea to get at the root of the upstream issue in general.