Case Study Please read the case study on page 31 of your text and answer  ques

Case Study
Please read the case study on page 31 of your text and answer  questions thoughtfully. Please use one scholarly source to support your  answers.
Justin is an eight-year-old Vietnamese boy who was adopted by his Caucasian parents when he was only three months old. His two older siblings had been born into the family before he was chosen. The sib-lings are both boys, much larger than Justin, and both involved in school sports. Justin wants to follow in their footsteps but fi nds it diffi cult to match their success. In his after-school program, Justin loves to paint and creates some beautiful watercolor paintings that his caregiver dis-plays on the bulletin board. However, Justin still longs to join in when the other children are playing baseball. He is usually the last one to be chosen for a team and is booed or called names when he strikes out. When this happens, he goes back to the bench and appears to be strug-gling to keep from crying. He doesn’t cry, but is reluctant to try again when it is his turn at bat. 
 1.  What do you think are the causes of Justin’s lack of confi dence in his own abilities? What are some things his caregiver can do to help him feel better about himself?  
2.  Are there ways his family can help? 
 3.  What group games could caregivers facilitate that would encour-age teamwork and ultimately help Justin feel a valued part of the team
Personal Reflection
Part 2 
Review the implications for child care staff members (“the children’s attachments to their primary caregivers within the family; the modeling, guidance, and support of parents and teachers; the opportunity to observe peers and interact with them; and children’s  relationships with non-family adults involved in their care and education and those involved in the neighborhood and community in which they spend a large proportion of their time) . What areas are you most interested in  learning more about.
Please write a detailed paragraph of 5-7 well-developed sentences.