Context Efficient supply chain management is crucial in ensuring consistent prod

Efficient supply chain management is crucial in ensuring consistent product availability, thereby enhancing customer experiences. This assignment invites you to devise a strategic plan aimed at adjusting logistics networks to mitigate the risk of “stock outs”.
1: Research and note the place of origin of the product you described in last week’s assignment
In your previous assignment, you shared an experience where a needed product was unavailable at the store. Building upon that, research and identify the primary place of origin for this product. If the product originates from multiple locations, select the one closest to your location.
2: Address the following in a total of 250-400 words
Reflect on the researched product and provide insights on the following:
Identify the common modes of transportation used for transporting this product.
Discuss potential environmental factors that could disrupt the transportation of the product.
Propose methods to ascertain if these disruptions are recurring or isolated incidents, considering predictive analytics and continuous monitoring.
Develop a contingency plan to prevent “stock outs” in the event of a logistics disruption, emphasizing innovative approaches that you perhaps did not consider last week.
Outline a strategy you would adopt if a major adjustment to the logistics network were needed. Analyze the cost implications of such adjustments, taking into account factors like changing the transportation mode, increasing delivery frequency and stock quantity, leveraging different warehouse locations, and maintaining additional safety stock. Ensure to address the following topics in your response:
Demand uncertainty
Logistical location
Economies of scale
Logistical efficiency