Exploring Evidence Based Interventional Nursing

Exploring Evidence Based Interventional Nursing

Assignment Task

1. Identify a nursing intervention and formulate a question based on this- you may choose your personal synopsis you produce in your EFSCN module.

2. Using an appropriate search strategy locate 5 evidence primary research papers from appropriate databases that discuss your intervention, this must be primary research and ideally within the last ten years. Provide a clear rationale using evidence for how you conducted the search strategy and found these papers primary research papers.

3. Using a critical appraisal analysis tool of your choice, critically appraise the 5 papers you have found and prepare 5 annotated bibliographies for each of these. Ensure ethics are explored and any barriers to the intervention you have chosen to critique.

4. Summarise your findings by developing key themes from your chosen papers

5. Identify the implications for practice