Hi there so this is a communications class that requires you to do this assignme

Hi there so this is a communications class that requires you to do this assignment as google slides. The detailed instructions are below. I have provided examples of other students slides to show you an idea of how it would look like but you must choose a different idea. The full detailed instructions of the assignment will be attached below along the course readings.
Format: approximately 15-20 slides mixing text and supporting visuals. You can use Powerpoint, Google slides, etc. You can provide narration over the slides if you like. A well-edited video of
maximum 10 minutes in length is also an option.
This assignment invites students to create a slide presentation introducing the home of your
choosing from any historical period–ranging from ancient times to 1990–and any geographic
location. It requires online research to research the period and present it accurately in both text
and visuals. Avoid anachronisms
The purpose of the assignment is for you to compare and contrast your time machine home
with your contemporary home and to consider how the intersection of consumer capitalism
and mass media have influenced your domestic living and consumption habits
you will be asked to apply specific course readings and consider how your social status (gender,
class, race, sexuality, etc) would have historically influenced your home and your freedoms. It is
also possible to create a fictional identity different from your own. You will also reflect on the role
media and corporations would play in influencing your home’s interiors, architecture, and energy
usage. If you choose a period prior to a developed consumer culture, it can still be very revealing by
way of contrast with your present home. Please consult the more detailed instructions posted on