Virgil Finlay was a true master of drawing and ill
Virgil Finlay was a true master of drawing and ill
Virgil Finlay was a true master of drawing and illustration. The short film about him provides great examples of his work and different techniques he used/implemented to produce dynamic black and white drawings.
Find Your Black & White Illustration:
Taking some inspiration from the film on Virgil Finlay, find a black and white illustration that helps to tell a story and is visually dynamic. Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, graphic novels, and video games are great places to search. Be sure to mention the name of the artist, title of the artwork (if possible) and where the illustration can be found in your thread.
Be sure to embed your image/s (just like in the demo below). DO NOT attach the image/s in word doc or pdf files. Attached images that require downloading for viewing will NOT be looked at and the discussion will earn a zero.
Embedding Images Into Canvas Discussions
Before beginning your thread, be sure to review the Principles of Design handout and supplemental videos (Don’t forget about the one on the Elements of Art).
Discussion Questions:
Tell us why you chose this illustration.
What is it about the artwork that made an impression on you?
What do you feel makes it visually effective? Discuss the principles of design and Elements of Art that are responsible for the visual impact created in the artwork.
Avoid going to Google for answers to the questions. Adding a little info from a source is OK, but I really want to hear your very own thoughts.
Your Discussion experience will come in three parts:
Part 1: Find your black & white illustration.
Part 2: Write a short essay that answers the above questions and provide comments about your own viewing experience. Additions to your thread resulting from any added research is fine. But remember to stay on topic and answer the questions.
Part 3: Respond to a minimum of two other student Threads.

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