-Identify a publicly available dataset -Formulate the problem – Derive a hypothe

-Identify a publicly available dataset
-Formulate the problem
– Derive a hypothesis of the form variable X positively (negatively) influences variable Y.
– Write a causal graph using dagitty.net (do not limit yourself to variables available in your dataset if others are relevant). Use available prior knowledge to build your causal graph (i.e. look at the scientific literature on the topic).
– Build an analysis based on your causal graph and verify or falsify your hypothesis.
– Use RStudio to get the Regression table and plots
– Mention the data set you are using
– Explain how you build the causal graph using literatures review
– Discussion Does the x has effect y? and how?
The above analysis should be reported in a report of 2,500 words where the results of the analysis are commented and justified. Your task is to present evidence of your findings (Regression table, plots, causal graphs, analysis). There should be some discussion of the relevant literature, some analysis and presentation of conclusions on your findings within your essay.
More details are attached with the Assignment brief file, please check carefully and contact me if anything not clear.