Instructions Due by 11:59 PM, Sunday, Feb. 4 Purpose The purpose of an annotated

Due by 11:59 PM, Sunday, Feb. 4
The purpose of an annotated

Due by 11:59 PM, Sunday, Feb. 4
The purpose of an annotated (working) bibliography is for you to review relevant sources pertaining to your research. Creating a “working” document that enables you to formulate a foundation for your literature review (section of your paper) as you read literature relevant to your topic. View this as a “live” document; where you keep adding sources/annotations as you continue to research, review, and take notes on your topic.
Begin researching your topic, finding sources worthy of use in your final product. 
A minimum of 10 useful, scholarly sources on your research topic is required 
Make sure you properly format all sources listed in your annotated bibliography, using the APA documentation style. 
Must be organized alphabetically, and double-spaced throughout the assignment.
Criteria for the Annotated Bibliography:
Each summary of the source you select and list must contain complete sentences that:
The full and correct APA citation for the source.
Provide a 150 summary of the source. The summary must be in your own words…not a COPY and PASTE job AND AI free. You must also:

Identify the type of source (e.g. book, newspaper article, encyclopedia entry, interview with an expert in the field).
Identify the length (# of pages) of the source.
A statement identifying the search strategy used to find the source (e.g. did you conduct a library catalog search; an EBSCO Host search; etc.).
Summarize the contents of the source, focusing on those aspects of the source most relevant and useful to your research topic.
Include a statement on the authority/expertise of the author/source and/or other source strength(s). 

Submission and Grading Criteria
A minimum of 10 useful, scholarly sources on your research topic is required, organized alphabetically. 

1” Margins on all 4 sides. Arial or Times New Roman font, 12 pt font.
Indent new paragraphs.
Sentences double-spaced.
Use proper APA citation.
Must be a Microsoft Office Word document (.doc or .docx)


Fully addresses all aspects of the assignment.
Free of grammatical and spelling errors.
Follow traditional academic paper requirements

Worth 15% of your grade. Refer to the Assignment Grading Rubric in Course Resources.
APA Style Annotated Working Bibliography Examples
Example 1
Binkley, J. K. (2006, Winter). “The effect of demographic, economic, and nutrition factors
on the frequency of food away from home.” The Journal of Consumer Affairs 40 (2), 372-391.
Retrieved November 4, 2009, from Academic Search Premier Database. (00220078).
In this article, James K. Binkley examines studies of the negative health effects, including the rise in obesity, from increasing U.S. consumption of ”food away from home” (FAFH) prepared by fast food and table service restaurants. Binkley, Purdue University Dept. of Agricultural Economics professor, identifies significant factors (income, age, gender, accessibility, convenience), that influence how often, where, and on what U.S. families dine out. Most valuable to my topic are sections on how much bad school and vending machine FAFH is consumed by our nation’s children, and on how families who have received and value health education try to restrict their own and their children’s fast-food consumption. Binkley also warns that FAFH offered by costly table service restaurants is not necessarily more nutritious. I found this 20-page journal article by searching COCC Barber Library’s subscription database Academic Search Premier.
Example 2
Salinsky, E., & Scott, W. (2003, July 11). Obesity in America: A growing threat. National
Health Policy Forum Background Paper. Washington, D.C.: George Washington
This 31-page “Background Paper” was written by two research associates with the bipartisan National Health Policy Forum (NHPF) in order to influence government policy back in 2003. Salinsky and Scott focus on the economic and health costs associated with obesity and health-related issues, not just for individuals struggling with weight problems but for the country as a whole. A family member gave me this book (which now seems to be out of print but is archived on the NHPF website.
*Recommended Resource:  A good reference site to aid in writing and structuring your research assignments is Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab.