Instructions: What and who shapes our identities? How does communication functio

What and who shapes our identities? How does communication function to create our self-concepts and the way we act in our relationships? Write a 3-4 page paper explaining the three communication concepts and/or theories that you believe most influence our identities.
Three concepts I want to talk about is / what my teacher told me I can do is:
Emotional Intelligence
The Self
This paper will provide you the opportunity to examine interpersonal communication topics in more depth. You can research attachment styles, cultural differences, communication between siblings, friendships, etc. You will be provided with a list of possible topics for this assignment. In general, you should go beyond the information presented in the text and include additional information about the topic. You should use a minimum of 2 academic sources to support your arguments.
I can add like a little personal about how I deal with emotional intelligence of myself and others here is a summary:Something about me: I Know people say I am very emotional I nearly cry about everything. most importantly, i cry about my feelings because i feel like when I am try to get my point across they either think i am trying to argue or they dont understand me. When Speaking on your Feelings shouldnt lead to an argument. But I also have to understand their side as well. Like for me, I cannot communicate On the phone well, have to text to certain people like 1-2 paragraphs or in their face.
(This is just a little something from my perspective) if you can add similarly like that will be great and touch up this part!!!!!!!
Internet sources such as web pages, unless used to access academic libraries, journals and research, are not acceptable sources. (I have attached a article we read in class as a reference because my teacher said I could) so please use that as well. I have also insert class notes we went over about the topics i am doing it over.
Although you are welcome to use the readings for this class for your paper, they do not count as outside sources.Your paper should be typed, well written, and proofread. This paper needed to be written in APA format, 12-point Times New Roman Font, and double-spaced.
– Research Paper (75 points): 3-4 page paper
– Annotated Bibliographies (25 points): The goal of this assignment is for students to summarize 2 scholarly sources for their Identity Paper presentation
Also, I have to present this. So please type up something about the essay I can present for at least 4-6 minutes bout this paper.I am not presenting the whole paper.