Please  Provide positive analysis for each paragraph with references, independe

 Please  Provide positive analysis for each paragraph with references, independently. In other words, send comments and references for paragraph one, and comments and references for paragraph two, separately, 
MATTHEW Paragraph # 1
The findings in this article suggest a need for targeted education on local policies, the laws related to the duty to protect, civil commitment, and firearm restrictions. The study emphasized potential collaboration and cross-training involving both the clinician and law enforcement to enhance the responses to Tarasoff warnings and potentially protect the potential victims from harm. This involves understanding legal and ethical duties, effective communication, documentation, and ongoing training to ensure comprehensive responses to situations involving threats of violence by patients with mental illness. 
SAMIA Paragraph # 2
 In the Tarasoff case, a university student named Prosenjit Poddar confided in his psychologist, Dr. Lawrence Moore, about his intention to harm a woman named Tatiana Tarasoff. Despite this disclosure, the psychologist did not warn Tarasoff or take any action to protect her. Tragically, Poddar later murdered Tarasoff.
The court ruled that mental health professionals have a duty to protect potential victims if they determine or reasonably should have determined that their patient poses a serious threat. This duty may include warning the potential victim, notifying law enforcement, or taking other appropriate steps to prevent harm.