complete the tasks below based on my idea–CREATE my own COMPANY TO DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE COOKWARE. Al relevant files are in the zip folder.
-1.Create a financing plan for phase 1, 2 and 3. What type of financing will you use in each of these phases and why? Read financing handouts and answer the questions on the financing assignment handout. If you can not answer them all fill in what you can and add it to your plan ways to find out the answers. (1.5 hrs)
-2. Create an order form that packages your product or service in a standardized formate. Use these packages to create your breakeven scenario. Use this to start to determine specific product/ service offerings. (1hr)
-3. Start to build spreadsheets to create a break even scenario. (1 hrs)
-4. Make the business model canvas based on new information about financials.
-5. Read financing articles. Write up 3 key points in draft,post,I need these 8 math problems completed on a website named codio(has to be opened in google chrome). Please only accept this bid idraft