q1  Razae is 12 months old and has been placed in foster care since he was four

 Razae is 12 months old and has been placed in foster care since he was four

 Razae is 12 months old and has been placed in foster care since he was four months old. He was prenatally exposed to drugs and was placed in foster care because of domestic violence in the home. Emma and Andrew are the young couple who are providing foster care for the first time. Razae is a very sweet, rambunctious boy who enjoys music and movement. He’s also a great sleeper. Razae has learned how to walk, makes a variety of sounds, and is imitating others’ language  consistently. Based on developmental delays in several domains, Razae qualified for and is receiving home-based early intervention services. He was slow to attach to his foster parents but is now bonding through play and  enjoying skin to skin contact and other attachment-based activities. These are areas that were goals in Razae’s  Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). He is thriving in this placement. Razae still visits his  maternal grandmother and there is talk of placing him with her in the future. What steps can you take to  support Rasae and his foster parents in the classroom? Be specific about  how you can be involved n supporting goals established through his  IFSP. Discuss with peers.  
Part 1 (20 Points)
Read the case study on p.60 of your text and answer the 3 questions  thoughtfully. Use at least 1 scholarly source to support your answers.
Case Study
Nine-year-old Ian is often called names by some of the other children. They refer to him as “Tubby,” “Fatso,” or “Lardo.” He gets very angry and starts hitting, although sometimes he ends up crying in frustra-tion. His caregiver has noticed that he seems to have an ample supply of snacks that he carries in his backpack—often chips and candy bars. He wants to have those for snack time rather than the food provided by the center. When his request is refused, he stomps away from the table and refuses to eat anything. Occasionally, he is seen sneaking food from his locker.  
1.  How would you respond when Ian stomps away from the table? 
 2.  What can you say to his parents? 
 3.  What can you do to help Ian change his eating pattern at child care?
Part 2 (20 Points)
Review the resource page on Be Active Kids website @ http://beactivekids.org/resource
Find 1 resource that you could use to support health and physical activity in your classroom.
Write a brief summary of what you  found and how you will use it. The resource must come from the Be Active  Kids website. Provide a link back to the resource you chose at the end  of the assignment.
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