research proposal should include the following: Cover page including name, ID, T

research proposal should include the following:
Cover page including name, ID, T

research proposal should include the following:
Cover page including name, ID, Title, and executive summary (250 words max)
Introduction including facts and evidence. Why is the topic important and needs to be addressed by the research community? What is your research area, what is the motivation of the research, and how important is it for industry practice and knowledge advancement?
Background provides basic concepts and terminology, historical facts, significant milestones in the development of the topic and related field
Problem statement provides a clear and concise descriiption of the issues that need to be addressed – What is the specific problem in that research area that you will address (e.g., lack of understanding of a subject, low performance …)?
Objectives and a research question (one question will be detailed in the next assignment). This should provide a list of objectives (Theoretical and practical) that will be achieved through the research to be done – What are the benefits/impact (e.g., a better understanding of an area of study, improved method, tools, etc..…) that will be generated if the research problem is answered?
Preliminary literature review. It provides a summary of related research on the research problem and their strength and weaknesses and a justification of your research – What is known/what has been done by others? And why is your research still necessary?
Research methods define the critical research methods and steps in conducting the proposed research. This can be refined during the next stage (literary review). What should be done, and how should the problem be solved to achieve the proposed objectives? Which research methods (e.g., survey, modeling, case study …) will be used? Attach a project schedule table if necessary.
Risk and constraints, such as access to resources, subjects, equipment, data, etc., should be mitigated in the research.
Preliminary References (20-30), including all factual material not original to you, must be accompanied by a reference to its source. Use APA guidelines on reference and citation style
Appendix – Ethical concerns: if anyone or any organization will assist you, or you are using material from an individual, you get the approval and include it in the proposal. For example, your research is part of a project in your workplace.
Kindly for the reference list use from journals only from google scholar and writer has good citatioins number.