Respond to  2 students discussion using the rise Model Due Wedsneday January 30,

Respond to  2 students discussion using the rise Model
Due Wedsneday January 30,

Respond to  2 students discussion using the rise Model
Due Wedsneday January 30, 2024 by 10:00 pm
Must Read Everything: 
Reply to at least two classmate’s posts, applying the RISE Model for Meaningful Feedback
I will also show an example below of how the response needs to be addressed.
Here’s an example of how the response should look. Please don’t copy it. 
The response to the classmate need to be just like this. 
Example Response (Response Needs to be writen just like the response below No copying)
RISE Feedback:
REFLECT: I concur with “Action plans should reflect the type of services that are needed and have an idea of the expected outcome of the services” because it is in line with Hatch and Hartline’s intentional school counseling guidelines in regards to determining students needs.
INQUIRE: Can you further explain what “closing-the-gap action plans” are? 
SUGGEST: I encourage you to revisit Hatch and Hartline’s MTMDSS tier interventions in order to add a citation that would illustrate your example on bullying prevention efforts. 
ELEVATE: What if you re-purposed “For example, after a needs assessment, the school is having problems with bullying” as “Following Trish Hatch’s MTMDSS tier based interventions, if the school is having problems with bullying, after a needs assessment, we could… citation…”  for a more weighted argument?
ReferencesHatch, T., & Hartline, J. (2022). The use of data in school counseling: Hatching results (and so much more) for students, programs and the profession (2nd Ed.). Corwin.
****PLEASE RESPOND IN DEPTH***************************************************
Classmate response 1- Ashley
What are the necessary “ground rules” that need to be established in a group counseling session?
Effective ground rules established during an elementary school skills group can foster a positive learning environment and promote participant respect, cooperation, and engagement. I led a “skill builders” group for students struggling with multiple hands-off violations during recess. This daily group met for three weeks to discuss topics from the Boys Town curriculum, including respect, following instructions, listening, and waiting your turn. In the first session, we established group norms, or “ground rules,” through a social contract. Each student contributed to and agreed to the contract before the session began. Some rules focused on mutual respect, such as being kind, listening, raising a hand to speak, and keeping hands to oneself. When first- and second-grade students became distracted by each other’s behaviors, I reviewed the contract, allowing them to adjust their behavior and engage with the content. By the end of the three weeks, recess violations had significantly decreased, demonstrating the effectiveness of clear expectations and student ownership in creating a supportive learning environment.
Classmate response 2- Marlene
Describe experiences related to any of the following: Social/emotional development 
Last week I started working as the intern over at the calm corner. It is a small walk in spot for anyone who is in a crisis. This is under the intervention counselor. Unlike regular counselors with a 1 to +250 ratio. the intervention counselor caseload is the whole student body which is a little over 4,500 at the site. She sees the homeless, foster, and high risk students. High risk include seeing the suspended students who are coming back on campus aka Restorative behavior students. I meet with them three times. We make resilience plan(safety plan), circle of control map, and list of services they can use at school. She also holds anger management groups and drug/alcohol classes for those who are put on contract for possessing or under control of substances on campus. What I notice are students seem to gravitate more on the circle of control lesson we do. Below is a video on the concept, it helps students realize what is and is not in control. You can find many worksheets online or simply draw a circle with a smaller circle inside. to an external site.