(1.) As summarized by Piketty, how did the deforestation of Europe contribute to

(1.) As summarized by Piketty, how did the deforestation of Europe contribute to the development of European power? (2). Summarize the role of opium in establishing European power? (3). How was cotton key to the rise in dominance of Europe? (4). How is the growth and development of slavery in the United States linked to Haiti (Saint Domingue)? What propelled the growth of the slave population in the United States during the 19th century? (5). What is protectionism? As detailed by Piketty, describe the specifics of the protectionist policies that enabled Europe’s rise to global dominance. (6.) As described by Piketty, what were the rationales for compensating slave owners rather than slaves after the abolition of slavery in Europe? (7.) Per Piketty, summarize the development and rationale for the laws that punished “vagabondage” and begging. (8) Piketty discusses two plans for ending slavery in the United States – one was Lincoln’s and the other proposal was developed by Jefferson & Madison. Summarize these plans. And what ultimately happened to these plans? (9). How did the idea of compensating emancipated slaves in the United States with “forty acres and a mule” emerge? (10). What labor system replaced slavery in Great Britain and France? (11.) Using the attached articles (The Compensated Emancipation Act of 1862), describe the slavery reparation system in the United States? Details Deadline 2/11/2024 at 6pm CST Requirements Grammar & Mechanics (5 points) Content & Ideas (20 points) See full rubric Website The Compensated Emancipation Act of 1862