1. Select a group or organization to research for your presentation. 2.Conduct r

1. Select a group or organization to research for your presentation.
2.Conduct research on your group using magazine articles, books, videos, movies, documentaries, etc. Verify the information using two or more credible resources.
3. Create a presentation. Include the following information:
4. Define the group or organization
5.Type of group
6.Group/Organization size
7.The function of the group
8.Presence of in-groups and outgroups
9.How did the group influence or impact individual behavior?
10.What was the leadership style?
11.What were the roles in the group? How did the members interact?
12.What led to the group’s success?
13.Cite and reference all resources utilized in the assignment. There should be two or more references.
14.Review the presentation for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA style.
Example of Groups
this list is meant to generate ideas, please note it is not all-encompassing.
1980s US Men’s Hockey Team (The Miracle on Ice)
1990s Chicago Bulls
Carroll Shelby 1960s LeMans Championship 3 years in a row (Ford Versus Ferrari)
The Black Mambas (all-female ranger team)
NASA’s Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Some ideas to get you started, you may select other options.
Presentation Resources
Google Slides
The presentation has a cohesive, visually pleasing, and appropriate background for each slide. The presentation contains high-quality graphics that help the audience understand the content and does not detract from the presentation.
The presentation is written following all APA style guidelines to include a properly formatting title page, body, and reference page.