1.  Upon completion of the first semester in a program that sounded perfect but

1.  Upon completion of the first semester in a program that sounded perfect but isn’t accredited for my given profession and will not lead to licensure in the state, I hope to practice. I would contact my advisor right away so the corrections can be made. I would also have to contact financial aid and possibly begin making payments on my student loan to cover the courses I had taken that semester so that it does not mess up anything for the classes I will have to take. This could have been prevented by doing personal research into my desired profession and by asking questions as well as clarifying my professional goals with my school advisor to ensure I was on the right path from the beginning. The impact this mishap will have on my future career could be a delayed start, if those classes in that semester cannot be summed up as elective classes then I am a semester behind which prevents me from graduating until the following year. It could prevent me from getting the job I want when I want it. Personally, it is a setback but nothing anyone should let get in the way of obtaining their goal, I would not let it. 
2. In the town where I live you must have a masters degree but if the program is not accredited you must go to your advisor of the college and they will take your  advice  ,you may have to go to another college on line or , change your major and the college should have all the information The college needs to . Know about this problem you may be able to move your credits to another college some students have sued the college and you may lose credits so you must keep check on your credits . Contact your advice