Assignment Overview Having reviewed the content in Ch. 21-23, students will make

Assignment Overview
Having reviewed the content in Ch. 21-23, students will make an online submission of their response to one of the assignment questions below. The purpose of this assignment is to assess your familiarity with the central ideas from this section.
There are 50 possible points to earn on this assignment. Click on the wheel, above right, to find the Rubric and see how your response is to be evaluated. Click the Blue Submit button to begin your essay in the box. When done Click save at the bottom If you are doing a file upload, use (pdf, doc, docx) . If using a Mac, export pages to a PDF file and then click the blue submit assignment button. If you have any problems with submission call the student help line in Canvas from the global menu on the bottom left.
The assignment is to be two full pages in length (approx. 425 words using standard 12″ font size with 1.5 spacing. You may use bullet lists sparingly for only part of your essay. Any late assignments will receive partial credit and must be turned in before advancing to the next week. All spelling and syntactical errors should be corrected before submitting your essay.
Assignment Questions
In this comparison/contrast essay, choose one to the following topic areas to explore or combine them.
The prompts under each question are intended to guide your response. Be selective, and choose those that are most interesting to you.
Compare and contrast at least two examples. You may combine different mediums.
How are these works indicative of the social, cultural, and technical issues of the times?

Art: Choose at least 2 different Art selections from the examples in Ch. 21-23. The examples should be from different chapters in your book.
Discuss specific examples from Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, or a combination to best illustrate your points.
Include names and list the figure numbers (fig. 21.5) from your text.
Discuss important stylistic characteristics when relevant; like size, type of material used.
Discuss what the work seems to indicate or express about specific cultural concerns & about the values of the time?
What might the symbolic significance of these work suggest about the social/cultural beliefs and religious values of these people?
You may wish to refer to the selections on the art guide to illustrate some of your points.
You may wish to review some of videos on art in the module section.

Literature: Look at 2 or 3 selections from the Readings in Ch. 21-23 involving mystics, literary, and philosophical figures.
Discuss how this literature reveals some of the major themes and concerns of the Baroque period.
Cite specific lines from the works to discuss, explain, or support your assessment of what the literature is doing and what it reveals to you as a reader.
What do the themes tell you about the specific values and beliefs of the time?
How do the themes of sacred & secular literature differ or are they so closely bound together that it is impossible to separate them? Explain & use examples.
How is the problem or good vs evil represented in some of these stories and through the characters?
Music: Look in the modules section for a summary of Baroque Music. You this information and Ch. 21-23 from your text to help you compose your essay.
List and discuss some of the main characteristics of Music from the Baroque period
Use at least 2 examples from your text and/or the chapter summary, listening guide, or the video section.
What are the main differences in themes between sacred and secular music? Use specific examples from the listening guide.
What were some of the innovations and changes that effected the structure and sound of this music?
Try to characterize the differences in sound as this music progressed from the Baroque to the Romantic periods.
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