Background: Acker Wines is the oldest wine merchant in the US and the world’s la

Acker Wines is the oldest wine merchant in the US and the world’s largest wine auction house.
A family-run business that was founded in 1880
Offices all over the world, including New York, Hong Kong, London
Acker Wines and the more prominent wine industry are notorious for being slow to adapt to new technologies
Acker has a proprietary customer database, but it’s not connected to any external communications platforms, such as an email service provider. Its customers include customers who live in the neighborhood of the store and Billionaires.
The sales team captures their customer data (name, phone number address, email) on their personal cell phones, excel sheets, and written notepads and post-it notes
You are a new Acker employee in the marketing department with full support from your CMO. While Acker demonstrates traits that show that the 200-year-old firm is customer-centric, they have never invested in a CRM system.
Based on what you’ve learned thus far, how do you convince the CEO that Acker needs to implement a CRM system? Please answer this question thoughtfully and incorporate what you’ve learned thus far. As such, consider the following:
What are the benefits of implementing a CRM system?
Who are the stakeholders that you’ll need to involve?
How will you calculate the ROI of this CRM project?
What are the significant issues to be considered in this calculation?
How can the CRM implementation be successful?