this is for work experience I was workin at HR department 1- As a human resourc

this is for work experience
I was workin at HR department
1- As a human resources department in the city has an important role in achieving the strategic goal of the city, through monitoring the achievement of the key performance indicators and participating in preparing the operational plan and operational objectives of the HR department with the Strategic Implementation Office in the city to measure KPI’s and working to achieve performance indicators through projects, activities, and initiatives.
Uploading the updates (quarterly) to the Strategic Implementation Office in the city.
this is second work experience
2- As a Strategic Planning Specialist, I have to contribute to aligning departments’ operational objectives with strategic objectives. Reviewing strategic objectives and proposing relevant initiatives.
providing support to stakeholders by participating in developing initiatives and defining their goals, scope, and outcomes, in line with priorities and strategic directions.
Review the business case study of the initiatives and their alignment with the strategic direction and provide suggestions for change if necessary.
Aligning strategic initiatives and objectives and providing support in determining appropriate performance indicators and targets in coordination with the owners of the initiatives and objectives.
Contribute to identifying challenges and obstacles and providing appropriate solutions.
Preparing various periodic, on-demand, and urgent reports and visual presentations.
Conduct the necessary research and comparison with applied best practices to enable better development of appropriate strategies.
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Currently, I am employed as the General Manager at a car dealership named 10orle

Currently, I am employed as the General Manager at a car dealership named Over the past six years, I have developed extensive experience in the automotive industry, primarily focusing on wholesale operations. My expertise includes dealing with Manheim Auction, where I am proficient in both buying and selling cars. Additionally, I have similar responsibilities with SmartAuction and ACV Auction.
My skills extend to finance, a sector in which I have been active for the last two years. During this time, I have collaborated with various lenders, including Langley Credit Union, Capital One, Ally, among others, to facilitate diverse financial transactions.
In addition to my managerial and financial roles, I am also skilled in mechanics. I possess practical experience in car repairs, including engine and transmission swaps.
Academically, I am pursuing a degree in Automotive Engineering Technology at North Carolina A&T State University, where I have maintained an impressive GPA of 3.9. This academic background complements my practical experience in the automotive sector.