Discussion 10 pts. Possible. Due 02/01 11:59pm: Part 1: The Reading Records are

Discussion 10 pts. Possible. Due 02/01 11:59pm:
Part 1: The Reading Records are

Discussion 10 pts. Possible. Due 02/01 11:59pm:
Part 1: The Reading Records are to help you see The Basic Features of the readings below in # 1. Now, let’s discuss the readings as a group. You may use your Reading Records as a jump start for your responses, but make sure it is revised to answer the following. You do not want to simply cut and paste Reading Record responses for the Discussion.
Include why you like the reading or not using examples from the readings and refer to the Basic Features that worked well.
Perhaps you like a reading because of the well told story or vivid details (what vivid details? How is it a well told story?). Perhaps it is the people and places in the story? Why? Maybe you relate to it in some way? What was the significance or lesson learned? Therefore, give specific examples in your response. This means that you will pull out a direct quote from the reading and then state why you are using that quote.
In other words, for example, if you like the vivid details of An American Childhood, state why (which details?). What are the vivid details that you like and how do they bring the story to life? For this discussion post, try not to ask a question (like you may have on your Reading Record). For example, in the Reading Record you may have written, “Why did X not pay attention to……?”
This is just an example: Perhaps write, “It is effective how the author (state name of author) lures the reader into a well-told story by making them feel the fear/hate/happiness that X felt by using, “..quote…” ( source/page) and pull an example from the reading to support your point. That way you are not simply asking a question, summarizing or cutting and pasting from the Reading Record. See “Formatting MLA Quotations” on Canvas for easy direct quote examples.
Please post about 1) “Calling Home,” 2) An American Childhood and 3) “Losing My Innocence.” Write what you liked the most about each reading—or what you didn’t like (as per above directions). Your responses should be a least three complete sentences for each reading. You will probably have more! : ]. ***Please separate each response to each reading with a few spaces so that it is easier for me to read. In other words, your response to “An American childhood” will be its own small paragraph. Then you will have another small paragraph for “Losing My Innocence,” etc.…Do not post them all together in one paragraph.
**Please note the use of the Basic Features in the readings using in-text citations (as noted above) in your posts to earn full points. I will attach the readings.