Discussion Board Reflection: Now, let’s delve into the reflection from micro, me

Discussion Board Reflection: Now, let’s delve into the reflection from micro, mezzo, and macro perspectives, guided by the following questions:
Micro Perspective: Considering how you felt completing the box:
– Were you anxious?
– Nervous to share?
– What were your initial feelings about preparing the box?
– What were your feelings after sharing your box?
Mezzo Perspective: Considering something you shared or heard that aligns with 1 or 2 of your colleagues:
– Where are you in your family structure (only child, middle child)?
– Did others share the same zodiac sign or show similarities in personality types?
Macro Perspective: Considering themes shared by several people:
– Did you hear or share about trauma or the effects of traumatic experiences?
Discussion Guidelines:
– Take time to reflect on your experiences.
– Share your thoughts using complete sentences.
– Engage with each other thoughtfully and respectfully.
– Respond to at least two classmates’ posts
On the outside of my box consisted of pictures of professional basketball players overcoming adversity to show examples of determination and perseverance. It also included images symbolic to hard work and innovation and pictures of people being social workers and giving back to the helping professional.
On the inside of my box it included some of the words sensitive to my child hood trauma such as “problem child” growing with a father incarcerated and a abusive mother didn’t stop me from trying to be successful in life although I grew up in a toxic neighborhood
when done briefly respond to two discussion posts