Exploratory Data Analysis on Bulkpro Procurement, Sales, and Customer

Exploratory Data Analysis on Bulkpro Procurement, Sales, and Customer

Assignment Task

Case Study

Bulkpro is a company that specializes in procuring products (multiple categories) from local manufacturers in bulk and selling them via their website to other local purchasers (dealing in bulk quantity) throughout India.

Your dataset includes Product Data and Order Data for Bulkpro.

Product Data – This data file includes details of each product that is listed on the website including the product category, the website listing date, and the source channel through which the manufacturer has connected with Bulkpro to list the products on the website.

Order Data – This data file includes individual order details of different products that are listed on the website including order quantities, order date-time, etc. Each order is placed by an individual purchaser.

The Bulkpro management suggested the Data Analyst team figure out the reason for the decline of overall orders in the Platinum category placed (both in terms of the number of orders and in terms of daily product quantities ordered).

Use this data to analyze the performance of each channel/segment that can bring insights on the root cause of the problem and suggestions on key focus areas.

The Key Metrics to be looked at should be:

  1. Monthly total order quantity
  2. Daily total order quantity
  3. Average Daily order quantity per product
  4. New products onboarded (Monthly / Weekly / Daily)
  5. Sales of new products onboarded (not every product that is listed on the website would actually be purchased)

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