Financial Accounting Reporting Assignment

Financial Accounting Reporting Assignment

Assignment Task


You are the Accounting Consultant at an audit firm, and you received the following independent queries from clients:

Query 1

XYZ Partnership consists of three partners: A, B, and C. Each partner contributed capital to the partnership as follows:

  • Partner A contributed R100 000.
  • Partner B contributed R150 000.
  • Partner C contributed R75 000.

1. Explain the relationship between the partners and the partnership.

2. Discuss how the partners’ capital contributions affect the partnership’s equity.

Query 2

ABC Partnership consists of two partners, X and Y. At the beginning of the partnership, each partner contributed capital as follows:

  • Partner X: R200 000
  • Partner Y: R150 000

1. Explain why partnerships use the owners’ equity format in the statement of financial position and list the components included in the equity section.

2. Calculate the balance in each partner’s capital account, considering the initial capital, the net income allocation, and assuming no withdrawals were made.

Query 3

LMN Partnership is in the process of being liquidated and you are presented with the following financial information:

Partner A:

  • Capital Account Balance: R300 000
  • Profit-Sharing Ratio: 40%

Partner B:

  • Capital Account Balance: R200 000
  • Profit-Sharing Ratio: 60%

Partnership Assets:

  • Cash: R500 000
  • Inventory: R200 000
  • Equipment: R300 000
  • Total Assets: R1 000 000

Partnership Liabilities:

  • Creditors: R300 000
  • Outstanding Expenses: R100 000
  • Total Liabilities: R400 000 LMN

1. Explain the liquidation process of a partnership.

2. Calculate and clearly indicate what each partner (A and B) will receive at the end of the liquidation process.

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