For this assignment, you will fill out the DSM-5 Intervention Matrix Template [D

For this assignment, you will fill out the DSM-5 Intervention Matrix Template [DOCX], as a foundation for your ASD treatment plan you will complete in the Weeks 7 and 9 assignments.
Download and save DSM-5 Intervention Matrix Template [DOCX] to your computer.
Review the Core Autism Symptoms and Behavior Analytic Intervention table in this template.
Define operationally one behavior that would fall under each category.You may review the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale-2 (GARS-2) Sample Results [DOCX] (or other resources) for some possibilities.
Behaviors can be something you are actually seeing as a clinician (remember to leave out all names and identifying information), or can be hypothetical behaviors or behaviors you find in a case study.
Make sure definition is observable and measurable, clearly stated, and includes examples and non-examples.
Review the peer-reviewed literature to find behavior analytic intervention that would be appropriate for that particular behavior.You might start your search by reviewing evidence-based practices in this week’s readings.
Week 5: DSM-5 Potential Intervention MatrixLinks to an external site. reading list.
Make sure the intervention is behavior analytic and has a strong scientific evidence base.
Review the literature to find at least two peer-reviewed journal articles that support that intervention. One must have been written in the last 5 years. (Contact instructor if you are unable to find this.)
Be sure to consider functions (hypothetically if needed) when reviewing the literature, if you are targeting a challenging behavior.
Fill out the remainder of the DSM-5 Intervention Matrix Template.Write an ABA intervention strategy you could use, and cite your chosen journal articles. (This should be 2-4 paragraphs.) Remember that you could combine several strategies (you don’t have to for purposes of this assignment), or you can use the same strategy for different behaviors (differences would be found as you develop your comprehensive plan).Note: This should be written below the table in the template, after the “ABA Intervention Strategy” header.
Overall, your assignment submission will be assessed based on the following criteria:
Define at least one behavior for each of the seven DSM-5 criteria: Deficits.
Identify at least one behavior analytic intervention for the defined behavior for each of the seven DSM-5 criteria: Deficits.
Describe an ABA intervention strategy that is supported by specific evidence from credible and relevant sources.
Convey purpose in a well-organized text, incorporating appropriate evidence and tone in grammatically sound sentences.
Apply APA style and formatting to scholarly writing.
Additional Requirements
Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:
Template: You must submit your completed DSM-5 Intervention Matrix Template [DOCX] for this assignment.
References: Cite a minimum of four sources of scholarly or professional evidence. At least one of the resources should be no more than five years old.
APA formatting: In-text citations and reference list should follow current APA style and formatting.