Hello, I had already submitted the discussion board post, and my professor wrote

I had already submitted the discussion board post, and my professor wrote

I had already submitted the discussion board post, and my professor wrote me an email and said, “Initial post was on topic and minimally satisfactory, missing critical analysis and scholarly / highly credible research support.” Could you please take a look?
Long-term care facilities provide both medical and personal support services to patients who are unable to live independently. Thus, independent living and group homes or assisted living communities are long-term care organizations but not healthcare organizations. For example, assisted living communities may offer coordination of healthcare-relevant services such as medication administration, incontinence program or physical therapy.
When preparing your post, address the following:
Select a real long term care facility and give the descriiptive attributes of the facility – do not use the ABOUT US page with mission and vision but instead research their number of beds, staffing ratios, patient satisfaction and other indicators that are accessible to the public. (Goal: to see how you as a consumer would identify and determine the quality of this organization).
Identify one current and relevant federal, state or local regulation affecting a long-term care facility regulated by the Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
Discuss the importance of facility compliance with the regulations and the impact of non-compliance on facility operations. (consequences both formal and informal)
Identify the regulatory agency for the selected long term care organization that accredits and oversees the organization.
Based on your research issue your analysis and opinion as a consumer about the facility and if you would select this for your family member or self.
Discussion board post that was posted-
Descriiptive Features Of The Chosen Long-Term Care Facility
For my subject, I selected” Valle Verde Senior Living,” a long-term care facility in California. According to publicly available data, Valle Verde Senior Living has more than 200 beds and a personnel ratio that includes one caregiver for every five patients (USNews n.d.). The patient surveys generally show high satisfaction results, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Additional factors, such as the facility’s cleanliness, adherence to safety measures, and availability of social and recreational activities, also improve its reputation.
The Current Regulations Affecting Senior Living Facilities
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rule on preventing infections is crucial for Valle Verde Senior Living. This law highlights the need for preventative measures, employee training, and reporting strategies to protect the safety of residents and staff (Strategies, 2023). The Valle Verde Senior Living collaboration with the Centers for Medicare Services has made it a leading long-term care facility.
The Importance Of Facility Compliance And Noncompliance
The patient’s well-being depends on following the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulations—noncompliance results in legal consequences such as fines and potential facility closures. Noncompliance may also adversely impact the facility’s reputation, resulting in losing faith in its patients. It may also result in more oversight from regulators, harming overall healthcare quality.
The regulatory agency for oversight
Valle Verde Senior Living is recognized and regulated by the state Department of Health, which collaborates with the CMS rules. Regular inspections and reviews ensure that the facility fulfills federal and state rules. Valle Verde Senior Living’s obeying laws and regulations have made them outstanding.
The Consumer Perspective
As a customer, I consider Valle Verde Senior Living a complete facility with excellent patient feedback, ratios of staff members to patients, and general facility cleanliness. The facility’s commitment to the laws, especially those regulating infection control, is essential to ensuring patients’ safety. Compliance must be monitored regularly, and reporting must be transparent. Based on the available information, Valle Verde Senior Living is the right option for a family member or oneself, given its unwavering commitment to excellent care and Compliance with laws and regulations. Ongoing monitoring and participation in the care process are critical for any long-term care decision.
Strategies, I. (2023, December 18). Infection control in senior living communities. Where You Live Matters. https://www.whereyoulivematters.org/resources/infection-control-in-senior-living-communities/
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