Answer the following questions,
1. According to the article, what were some of the key ways in which Wild West shows influenced American identity during the period of 1870 to 1920?
2. How did Wild West show shape perceptions of gender during the time period discussed in the article? Provide examples to support your answer.
3. In what ways did Justine Macauley contribute to the Wild West show phenomenon and its impact on American identity? Discuss her role and any specific accomplishments or innovations she is credited with.
4. The article mentions that Wild West shows presented a romanticized and idealized version of the West. How did this portrayal affect public perceptions of the West and its historical significance? Explain with examples from the article.
5. Based on the information presented in the article, what were some of the long-term effects of Wild West shows on American society and culture? How did they shape popular narratives and images of the West that still resonate today?