Introduction to Clinical Governance Framework

Introduction to Clinical Governance Framework

A. Driver diagram

A driver diagram is a quality improvement tool that helps visualise the relationships between an improvement aim, driving factors, and change ideas. Driver diagrams are explored in Week 3 and 5.

Your driver diagram is required to include the following:

  • The problem statement a brief comment on the issue.
  • An aim statement this will be your SMARTaim from Assessment Item 2, with any refinements based on the feedback you received and your further learning.
  • Team members include designations/groups rather than specific names.
  • Primary drivers include at least two high-level factors to influence to achieve your aim.
  • Secondary drivers include at least two necessary interventions or specific factors to achieve each of your primary drivers.
  • Change ideas include specific change interventions to address the secondary drivers.
  • Process measures include a process measure for each primary driver.

You should draw upon your learning from the weekly content, activities and readings throughout the entire subject to formulate your ideas. References are not required in the driver diagram. An optional template is available in the assessment folder.

B. Report

You are required to supplement your driver diagram with a report highlighting how your quality improvement initiative is informed by the principles and components of clinical governance and justifies the relevance of clinical governance.

Your report should include:

  • Headings guided by the five components of the National Model Clinical Governance Framework (ACSQHC, 2017) and a description of the parts of your quality improvement initiative that align with each component.
  • A justification of the relevance of clinical governance to safety and quality improvement.

Your report should include supporting evidence such as scholarly literature, guidelines, standards and/or reports.

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