Overview This assessment requires you to visit the The Research Clinic: https://

This assessment requires you to visit the The Research Clinic:
You will click to play Jan Klein, RN. Work your way through the brief videos, choosing the best response as the RN assisting in research.
Upon completing the videos, you will submit a Word file that summarizes the essential elements of informed consent, special populations that require special legal and ethical research considerations, and the nurse’s role in advocating for the patient in research situations. Also, provide a summary of your personal thoughts on Jan’s actions during the activity.
Your summary should be between 300-400 words. Provide a minimum of 2 references, in 7th edition APA format, supporting your summary.
Understand the history behind the development of Human Subjects Protection guidelines
To identify and describe the three principles of ethical human subjects research identified in the Belmont Report
To identify risks associated with participation in research and appropriate protections against risks, vulnerable populations that need specific protections, and situations in which research involving humans is exempt from regulatory requirements
Identify the essential elements of an informed consent form
Describe the nurse’s role as patient advocate in research situations
QUESTUION 2Textbooks:Godshall (2020).Chapter 7 – Finding the Evidence
Chapter 8 – Evaluating the Evidence
OverviewThis assignment must follow the template provided.
This assessment requires you to explore the literature. Using the PICOT you developed at the beginning of the course, search the literature (library database) to find 2 research articles that are examples of 2 different levels on the levels of evidence hierarchy. The pyramid that illustrates the levels of hierarchy is provided in instructional materials. Please read about the levels of evidence to ensure you understand them before selecting your articles.Develop your title page
Page 1: Provide your APA 7th edition reference for your 1st article at the top of the page.
In paragraph 1, identify the level of evidence on the hierarchy, summarize the design, sample, hypothesis/research question and any other components of the study itself
In paragraph 2, discuss the findings and the relevance/importance of the study to nursing practice (ie. why is this information important to know?)
NO CONCLUSION is needed.
On a new page, Provide your APA 7th edition reference for your 2nd article at the top of the page.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the second article. Again, no conclusion is needed.
Your studies MUST be less than 5 years old (no exceptions).ObjectivesUnderstand the research levels of evidence hierarchy (pyramid)
Demonstrate effective data base search strategies
Identify studies by level of evidence