please respond to the following discusio post as a peer making a comment.” My pr

please respond to the following discusio post as a peer making a comment.” My project’s evaluation plans consisted of a variety of steps and communication with different stakeholders. The following steps are taken to ensure that the evaluation process fits all project requirements and objectives. (1) Definition of Objective: All hospitals within the same region have a contract with the same company for radiation badges. (2) Data Collection: Finding out which hospitals have a contract and with which company. Finding out who needs to be contacted within the organization and within the radiation badge companies. (3) Analysis of Data: Gathering the needed information and figuring out who needs to be contacted during this process. (4) Creation of an Evaluation Report: This is the last step in the evaluation process and the creation of a new evaluation tool. The data collected and analyzed are summarized in this report with recommendations for improvement and areas of success. The principles of learning assessment apply to the following management: (1) Establish an understanding of the basic implementation plan. (2) Identify target populations and follow appropriate process steps. (3) Collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data on important situational issues over time. (4) Integrate new data and results and continuously distribute them to interested parties. (5) Integrate and promote learning from process and outcome data. Application to a multisite program focused on primary care and behavioral health intervention demonstrates the utility and effectiveness of learning assessments in generating real-world insights into implementation changes (Balasubramanian, 2015).
Balasubramanian, B. A., Cohen, D. J., Davis, M. M., Gunn, R., Dickinson, L. M., Miller, M. W. L., Crabtree, B. F., & Stange, K. C. (2015). Learning Evaluation: blending quality improvement and implementation research methods to study healthcare innovations. Implementation Science, 10(1).