Professional Development Plan= Format and Rubric Instructions Clarification

Professional Development Plan=
Format and Rubric Instructions

This paper explores professional development as a needed tool to prepare teachers for continuous learning. As a leader, strategic planning for professional development requires a leader to think about the varying experiences of the teachers on campus. Within the paper, identify a six-month plan, explain the purpose of the PD, and detail the levels of the training.

Listed below are two examples:
Novice teacher (new) – 6-month plan to review things such as the school’s vision/mission, procedures for a mentor, review of curriculum per month, and etc.
Experienced teacher – 6 month plan to review student data, setting goals, classroom management, etc.

Format of the paper:
Title page
Adhere to grammar protocol
List the 6-month plan breakdown per month (3 sections) Guiding questions What is the training?
Who is the training for?
Explain how the 6- month plan will provide a step-by-step goal

Reference page if needed for citations.
Grading: 50 points
(5 relate to formatting/grammar, while 45 points will be given for the content)
Additional Information:
Optional plans to discuss with a leader as some districts have plans available to review
Title 1 Master plan
Districts PD plan
Improvement plans for teachers
Page length: Minimum of two pages (Explain your plan in detail)
Word limit: No limit – explain your plan in detail