Prompt: Once the hero has accepted the call, adventure follows. However, it isn’

Once the hero has accepted the call, adventure follows. However, it isn’t an easy road. Instead, the hero must face his/her greatest fears. This is often depicted as when the hero enters a cave. It is the hero’s darkest moment, but also his/her greatest opportunity. Beowulf enters Grendel’s cave to do battle with his mother, and Luke Skywalker enters the cave to face the figure of Darth Vader only to see his own face as a part of Vader’s mask breaks off. In next week’s reading you will see Aaron and Zlateh enter a symbolic cave. Even though entering the “cave” always indicates that the hero is in a threatening situation, it also indicates that the hero has the opportunity to conquer his greatest fear by facing it. In facing the dreaded task, they will emerge with a treasure. The task is dreaded because it leads to the unknown, which is also a moment of growth. That sense of going into a realm with unpredictable elements is frightening, but also where we find the greatest treasures.
Think of a time when you experienced a rite-of-passage, or moment of individual growth. What was it? How did you find the courage to try it? Were you successful the first time, or did it take several tries to do it the way you wanted to? What did you learn from each attempt? What did you gain from the overall experience?
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