Rationale The purpose of this assignment is to write ONLY the conclusion of the

The purpose of this assignment is to write ONLY the conclusion of the

The purpose of this assignment is to write ONLY the conclusion of the literature review.
This assignment is intended to show evidence that you are working on the following learning objectives:
Integrating and synthesizing professional literature in a literature review paper.
1. Using the Critical Review Forms that you completed in weeks 3 – 7 and your Outline, you will write the conclusion of your literature review. (See these documents attached)
2. Make sure you are following the APA 7th edition manual which is attached. Make sure there is no errors with APA citation or editing.
3. Do not forget to follow APA guidelines in formatting your document. You must check your grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics using Grammarly before submitting.
Important information:
1. This literature review paper is based on 6 research articles which are attached. You need to read them to be able to complete this assignment.
2. Let me know if you would like me to send you the forms mentioned above.
3. Please consult with the APA 7th edition manual which is attached to ensure the APA guidelines are being followed correctly. I am being strictly graded on this.
4. Please refer to the rubric which is attached to understand how this paper will be graded to ensure each area is being targeted at its best. This should be very helpful for you to have an idea how this paper should be.
5. The below information is from the person grading this paper. Please read it carefully and in detail to understand how they want this Conclusion paper to be done.
Crucial information about this paper: So, make sure that as you transition from your body section to the conclusion section that there is a smooth transition. At the end of the body you should be wrapping up the information that you’ve talked about, and that entire section, and then as you move into the conclusion you’re going to restate The aim of your entire literature review paper which you introduced in the introduction section. Don’t use the exact same sentence and copy and paste, but do reiterate what the general aim of your literature review paper is and then you’re going to summarize the overarching findings and 3 to 4 sentences so looking holistically at the 5 to 6 articles that you reviewed in your paper what are the overarching findings the areas of connection across these articles or were what are some of the differences that were found the areas of nuance that were found across these different studies across these different publications and then you’re going to transition stating your specific conclusion regarding that topic and when you write your conclusion, though be sure that you’re not using the first person so you’re not saying “I believe or my belief is XYZ” that your formatting and informing your sentence, or set a couple of sentences regarding your conclusion in a way that you’re not using first person language and showing what your belief is so “the authors found XYZ” and then talking about that for a few sentences and then stating “this implies that XYZ” and then that is your specific take away your specific opinion regarding that topic. From there you’re going to transition into talking about any specific gaps in the literature any areas where there were maybe there hasn’t yet been research in specific areas or where the future future research can expand upon a specific study maybe small sample size for example. I won’t give other examples I’ll let you all think through the research that you reviewed and come up with your own thoughts regarding the gaps. You can also look at the gaps the limitations that the authors of these papers included but I do recommend that you really think through regarding what your opinion is regarding future directions for research and areas that require further investigation, and then you will end the conclusion section thinking about why this research why this topic matters, and how it informs clinical practice as an SLP(speech language pathology), so that is essentially the conclusion in a nutshell it does not need to be super long again we’re not defining a minimum or maximum page length, but really think about how you can balance being concise with hitting all of these bullet points of what you’ll need to discuss in this section.
This paper is very important. I truly need to achieve anything above 90%. I will tip you a very nice amount of money; all I ask is to please put maximum effort into this paper, and I will pay you a very good amount. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any specific questions, doubts, or concerns. I attached an Excel sheet that can be helpful when referring back.