The world around us is changing every day, and the decisions we make significant

The world around us is changing every day, and the decisions we make significantly affect our lives and the lives of those around us. We need to be aware of the events that are going on around us locally, nationally, and globally. This semester you are responsible for completing four current event assignments that will be submitted in class. The professor will select current event submissions for students to summarize in class to engage in class discussions.
The article you choose must have been published in the last three months and be a minimum of five paragraphs (25 + sentences). You may choose your article from newspapers, magazines, or professional news sources from a hard copy source or located on the internet (no blog posts or YouTube videos). Acceptable news sources include, but are not limited to:
ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, CNN, Fox News, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, LA Times, NY Times, USA Today, Marietta Journal, National Geographic News, Associated Press, and Wall Street Journal.
Current Event #1 Topic – “Regulatory Issues” – Chapter 3
Current Event #2 Topic – “Recruitment” – Chapter 6
Current Event #3 Topic – “Compensating Employees” – Chapter 10
Current Event #4 Topic – “Employee Benefits and Safety Programs” – Chapter 12
For the article you choose, type your summary in the following format:
1) Proper Titles (5 points):
a. APA title page
b. No abstract
c. What is the name of the article? The exact wording in bold type is centered on the page.
2) Subject-matter topic is clearly identified (5 points). Each current event assignment must have a different focus.
3) Article source (5 points)
a. Using the APA style of citation (reference page and in-text citations), where did you get this article? Cite reference at the end of the paper on a separate Reference page
4) Summary (10 points):
a. In YOUR words, briefly summarize the content of the article.
b. Minimum 4 sentences
5) Analysis (10 points):
a. What are the positions held by the people mentioned in the article?
b. How do you feel about this event/issue?
c. How does the content in this article relate to the corresponding subject-matter topic?
d. Minimum 4 sentences
6) Impact (15 points):
a. Why is this event significant? (Why should you or I care?)
b. Could this event be part of a larger issue? Explain how.
c. Minimum 4 sentences.
Write your paper in paragraph form, using good sentence structure with proper spelling. Points will be deducted for excessive grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors. Write the paper in your own words. If you use a short quote, cite it correctly. The paper should be 1 – 2 pages in length (of content), indent new paragraphs, consistent double spacing, one-inch margins, and Times New Roman 12 point font. Microsoft Word document. Article must be dated within 90 days of the assignment due date.
This is not a critique of whether the article is good or bad. This assignment is designed to get you to explore your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs as they relate to the business-related subject matter. Your opinion should draw on your background knowledge and understanding, the article’s information, and your personal views.