Think about your personal experiences as a client or potential observer in couns

Think about your personal experiences as a client or potential observer in counseling sessions. Reflect on the various therapy modalities you have come across, such as person-centered therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or psychodynamic therapy. Share an authentic real-life experience that showcases how a specific therapy modality impacted someone’s life. You may include a photograph, a video, or a diagram to provide visual support to your response. Describe the situation and explain how the therapy modality used played a role in the client’s progress or transformation. Discuss whether you think this therapy modality would be equally effective for others in similar situations and provide reasons for your viewpoint. Use either textbook to guide your response as well.
To complete the discussion post for full credit, follow the instructions below:
A minimum of one complete paragraph for your answer.
Use APA 7th edition style and formatting for in-text citation and reference
Remember, you may include examples, experiences, and theories. Whatever is needed, to add depth to your post.
Note: a paragraph is a writing structure that requires a minimum of five complete sentences.
These five or more sentences should represent a valid knowledge of the topic.
The Discussion also requires a Comment or Reply to a classmate’s Discussion.
This Comment or Reply requires a minimum of three complete sentences.
It is not only about the number of sentences, but the valid knowledge of the topic represented throughout the paragraph (Discussion) and/or the three sentences (Comment or Reply). And we are talking about “university student’s sentences” not “Mary is a girl or Tom is a boy” kind of sentences…
These three sentences should represent a valid knowledge of the other student’s Discussion.
Note: Sentences just expressing your opinion and/or perception of your classmate’s Discussion, and/or complimenting your classmate do not count for points, i.e., “I love what you wrote about…”; “You did a great job…”; “I agree with you”…
Not complying with all the above requirements will decrease the score for the Discussion.
Discussion is worth a total of 100 points.