This assignment involves asking question of an LMFT, LPC or LMHC, depending on y

This assignment involves asking question of an LMFT, LPC or LMHC, depending on your state license, and NOT a LCSW, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist.
I do prefer someone who hold one of the aforementioned degrees in the state of MD or TX but its not an absolute must. The simply have to answer these questions listed below.
Part 1: The Organization (level one heading)
What is the name of the organization?
What is its mission and primary goals?
Who does it serve?
What services and programs does it provide?
What is the administrative structure of the organization?
What other types of professionals are employed in this organization?
How is it funded? What Insurance does the organization accept?
What types of opportunities for staff development are available?
How does it determine its clients’ needs and how does it evaluate its services and programs?

Part II: The Person (level one heading)
What is the professional counselor’s job title?
What does he or she do/ types of services or programs offered?
What does a typical day look like? (number and types of clients, administrative activities)
What are the challenges of the counselor’s position?
What are the benefits of the counselor’s position?
What types of knowledge and skills are critical to performing well in this job?
How does the counselor think his/her workday is similar to or different from other mental healthcare professionals who work with the same client population?
What are some of the things the counselor does as a mental health counselor that he/she never expected to do?
What does the professional counselor do to prevent burnout?
What insurance panels does the individual use for reimbursement?
I am aware that not all these questions may apply but I would prefer someone that meets the qualifications to answer these questions.