write answer with question on it Part I. Chapter 3 discusses psychological model

write answer with question on it
Part I. Chapter 3 discusses psychological models or psychological theories. Basically these are different ways to think about human behavior—what causes behavior and how best to adapt to mental illness or adjustment problems. Click on the link,
The Science and Art of Psychotherapy: Insider’s Guide
After watching this video, answer the questions below:
What do you think is meant by “theories and practice are intertwined?”
Name three theories or perspectives mentioned in the video. Based only on what you saw in the video (not what you read in the text), what did you learn ABOUT EACH OF THREE THAT YOU MENTIONED.
What one perspective do you most identify with? Explain your response.
According to information brought out in the video, is one perspective better than the other?
What is “evidence-based practice” in psychotherapy?
What do you think is the advantage and disadvantage of a therapist using only one perspective in understanding and helping his/her clients?
Part II. The biological approach has offered much insight to so many mental illnesses. Click on the following website,
This site is a tremendous resource for information and the latest on research into brain-based disorders at the site of The Dana Organization, a nonprofit brain research organization. There is also information on organizations and websites that are devoted to particular areas.
Click on one area that interests you (e.g., cerebrum, brain basics, etc.), and answer the questions below:
What area did you choose?
What three things did you learn? Provide details and explanation.
Is there a particular reason that you choose that area? That is, what relevance do you think that area has in your life?