Assignment Content Scenario: As one of the literacy coaches in your school distr

Assignment Content
Scenario: As one of the literacy coaches in your school district, you have been asked to develop a graphic organizer to share scientifically based interventions at an upcoming faculty meeting.
Review the “Five Domains of Reading” learning module, specifically the 5 case studies, and consider the needs of the students from the case studies.
Research scientifically based interventions for the case study students using the resources shared in the “Scientifically Based Interventions” video from Educational Impact found in this week’s learning activities. It is also recommended that you consult websites containing only scientifically-based interventions, such as Intervention Central, What Works Clearinghouse, and the National Center on Intensive Intervention. Avoid sites such as teacher blogs and personal websites. Be sure to cite the resources used.
Based on your research, select 2 interventions that would specifically target each of the 5 case study students (for a total of 10 intervention ideas) with needs in the following reading domains:
Phonemic awareness
Create a chart or table that presents the interventions you would implement for each case study student. Include the following in your chart/table:
A profile for each case study student with a brief description of:
The student’s reading needs
The identification of the reading domain with which the student is primarily struggling
A description of the 2 interventions selected for each student
The steps or directions for implementing each intervention
Include a title page and a reference page with APA-formatted references that support your interventions. Cite all resources when used in the chart/table.