Course Project Part 3 Course Project Part 3 (200 points, Due Week 7) Part 3 sect

Course Project Part 3
Course Project Part 3 (200 points, Due Week 7)
Part 3 sections includes the Executive Summary, G, H, and I in bold below. Once completed, Part 3 should be combined with Parts 1 and 2 of your Course Project, including your professor’s feedback and all references. Parts 1, 2 and 3 combined will constitute your Business Plan.
Part 3 will include:
Cover page
Table of contents
Executive Summary
Section A: Business Concept
Section B: Industry Analysis
Section C: Regulation and Legal Review
Section D Target Market and Segmentation
Section E: Value Proposition and Competitive Analsis
Section F Marketing Promotion and Pricing Strategy
Section G: Facilities and Equipment Plan
Section H: Technology Plan
Section I: Financial Plan. Includes Sales Forecast and Breakeven Analysis
Appendix (include any other research or support documentation here)
DetailsUse this template for Part 3- BUSN460 course project part 3 template.docx
Executive Summary (30 points)
This Executive Summary was developed during the Week 5 Collaborative Assignment. Your final draft Executive Summary should be included in this Section of your Business Plan.
As described in the Week 5 Collaborative Assignment description, this one-page summary of your plan should be able to stand alone as a document on its own merits. Include a clear and specific compelling Value Proposition, a brief synopsis of each plan section, and brief financial highlights. After reading this summary, the reader should have a clear understanding of the specifics of your Business Plan.
Section G: Facilities and Equipment Plan (50 points)
Please review the Week 5 Lesson for information related to this section.
Describe the cost of your capital assets, such as production lines, office equipment, and buildings. If you plan to have a physical location, include a floor plan if possible. What are your startup timelines? Expansion timelines?
Section H: Technology Plan (50 points)
Please review the Week 5 Lesson for information related to this section.
In this section, describe your company’s IT needs, how much they will cost, and how you will implement them. Will you have a web presence, and if so, what functionality will it include? Will you handle your IT requirements “in-house” or outsource to IT consultants—explain your decision.
Section I: Financial Plan (60 points)
Includes Use of Funds, Sales Forecast, and Break-even Analysis.
Please review the Week 6 Lesson and Chapter 16 of the textbook for information related this section.
Create your 5-year projection (See Week 6 Lesson for details) for your business. It is critical to include units, dollars, and assumptions in your projection. Create the sales projection in a narrative that includes the description of the units you plan to sell, the services (amount of them) you plan to provide, and your growth projections of these numbers. Document all assumptions and provide external source information for all assertions.
Include a graphical representation that shows when your company will start making a profit and the break-even point.
Paper/References (10 points)
The Paper should be written using APA 7 format guidelines.