Portfolio Paper 1: Stress and Self-Care Murdaugh et al. (2019) define stress, id

Portfolio Paper 1: Stress and Self-Care
Murdaugh et al. (2019) define stress, id

Portfolio Paper 1: Stress and Self-Care
Murdaugh et al. (2019) define stress, identifies stress symptoms, and suggest possible solutions in Stress Management and Health Promotion Chapter 8 of your textbook. The film, Stress Reset, Shenk (2020) reminds us that we are all subject to stress and have opportunities to implement stress management strategies. Walker and Mann (2016) show that nursing is often aimed at protecting patients from harm, while acknowledging that little attention paid to nurses’ or nursing students’ own personal psychological or emotional health. Finally, Markle (2020) offers ideas about what we can do to prioritize our own self-care during difficult times.
Essay Topic:
Integrating the ideas from the reference sources on stress and self-care below.
Identify your relationship with stress and develop a personal self-care plan that identifies strategies to support your own well-being.
Below are the sources that you will use to write your essay. They are properly formatted for use on your reference page. Feel free to copy them and paste them on your reference page
Markle, E. (2020, March 26). Four things to do every day for your mental health. https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/four_things_to_do_every_day_for_your_mental_health
Murdaugh, C., Parsons, M.A., & Pender, N., (2019). Stress management and health promotion (Chap 8) Health promotion in nursing practice. (8th ed.). Pearson.
Shenk, J. (Director). (2019). Stress Reset [Film]. The US Healthy Collaborative, Inc. https://takecare.org/films/stress-reset/
Walker, M., & Mann, R. A. (2016). Exploration of mindfulness in relation to compassion, empathy and reflection within nursing education. Nurse Education Today, 40, 188–190. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.nedt.2016.03.005
□ Answer the question completely: Make sure to both identify your relationship with stress and to map out a plan to manage that stress. Avoid merely summarizing the sources, and instead integrate information from the different sources to answer the question.
□ Audience: Write for a reader who may not know about this topic and who has not read the sources you have used.
□ Thesis statement: Develop a thesis statement that proposes a plan for managing your personal stress at this time.
□ Support: Use evidence from all four provided resources to support your thesis, including 1) Chapter 8 in your textbook 2) The Stress Reset film 3) The Walker and Mann (2016) article on Mindfulness, and 4) the Markle (2020) article on supporting your mental health. You may also select from strategies you discover in the materials or resources on Blackboard. Do not use any outside sources
□ Length: The paper should be 3-5 full pages (not including the title or reference pages).
□ Use APA Formatting: Refer to APA basics handout for detailed formatting information
o Basic Formatting: Double-space document, use Times New Roman 12, place page numbers in the upper right corner, indent the first line of each paragraph .5 inch, justify paper to the left
o Intext Citations: Use intext citations to cite sources within the body of your paper.
o Title page: Include a title page with all the required information
o Reference Page: Include a reference page with the references
□ Draft check: Review your draft with one of the tutors from the Writing House Online (WHO), the College of Nursing and Health Sciences’ writing resource center. WHO tutors work with undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students on writing for general education, core, and elective courses. Through the WHO scheduling page, you can book an appointment with one of their tutors for live online tutoring or a paper feedback.
□ Final submission:
▪ Upload your final draft to the folder labeled “Portfolio Paper 1” to your Google Drive Folder following the instructions Dr. More provided in class and by email.
▪ Please discuss any extenuating circumstances with your instructor PRIOR to due date.
□ Grading: Portfolio Draft 1 5pts and Portfolio Draft 1 20pts for a total of 25pts. Evaluation of the paper is based on the rubric on the following page.

Stress and Self Care Paper Rubric

Criteria / Points
Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Below Expectations
Purpose: 3 pts
Purpose of the paper is easily identified.
•Presents clear thesis statement and topic sentences. •Purpose of each paragraph is evident.
•Thesis statement and topic sentences that may not be as direct or clear. •Purpose of paper becomes clear within the body.
•Thesis statement or topic sentences are vague or not present. •Purpose is unclear.
Organization: 5 pts
Elements that lead to the flow and clarity of the paper
•Paper is clearly organized into introduction, body, conclusion. •Paragraphs are written general to specific. •Each paragraph flows well to the next.
•Paper is organized into introduction, body, and conclusion •Paragraph flow may lapse, or paragraphs may not flow well into each other.
•Paper is missing an element: introduction, body paragraph or conclusion. • Writing is aimless and disorganized.
Support: 5 pts
Evidence chosen to support argument and intext citations
•Support sustains focus on thesis. Offers robust evidence (details and examples) from sources to support thesis, position, and claims. •All required sources are used and cited.
•Support is relevant but may not be as well suited. •Support may stray from thesis but is mostly on topic. •All required sources are used but cited inconsistently.
•Support but may be overly general or limited, or not consistently well-chosen. •Support strays from the thesis or is off topic. •One or more required sources are missing or outside sources are used. Information is not cited.
Analysis: 5 pts
Aspects of the paper that analyze the topic and level of success integrating support
•Thoroughly addresses the stress plan with well analyzed and synthesized support. •Relates stress techniques to personal relationship with stress.
•Addresses the stress plan with but less consistently well analyzed and synthesized support. •May not have clearly connected relevance to personal relationship with stress
•Stress plans does not have support or is not analyzed and synthesized. •Relevance of stress plan to personal relationship with stress is not clear or missing
Language: 1 pt
Grammar, sentence structure, and language use
•Sentences are concise, clear, and error free. Writer uses a variety of sentences structure to enhance reading. •Uses concrete meaningful vocabulary.
•Sentences may be wordy or less clear but meaning is still understood• Some errors in grammar. •Vocabulary is functional, coveys intended message.
•Little variations in sentence structure; errors in grammar may distract from understanding •Vocabulary is basic and may not deliver intended message.
APA: 1 pt
Overall APA formatting
APA format is followed with less than 2 errors.
There are 2-4 APA format errors.
There are more than 4 APA errors in paper.
Deconstructing Portfolio Paper #1

• What is the topic of this paper?
• Why is this topic important?
• What, in general, do I plan to say about this topic?
Body of the paper”
• Health promotion/stress reduction intervention #1
o What does the literature say about this intervention?
o How will I incorporate this intervention into my life?
• Health promotion/stress reduction intervention #2
o What does the literature say about this intervention?
o How will I incorporate this intervention into my life?
• Health promotion/stress reduction intervention #3
o What does the literature say about this intervention?
o How will I incorporate this intervention into my life?
And so on for all interventions in your personal health promotion plan.
• Reiterate why this topic is important and what it means to you and your profession.
• Re-read your paper to ensure coherence, spelling, grammar, etc.
• Run spelling and grammar check to find things you missed.
• Double check all APA features (paper lay-out, in text citations, references) to ensure they are correct.